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Uilleann Pipes - Seán Pott

Learn to play the Uilleann Pipes with this tutorial. Instruction is provided by tutor Seán Pott. Video and audio files combine with music notation, text and photos to make the learning process as easy as possible.

The Potts name has been synonymous with Piping for generations. Seán performs and teaches worldwide and is a regular teacher at the Piper's Club in Dublin. Seán's closed-fingering, vibrant style is influenced largely by Ennis, Reck and Clancy.

This Uilleann Pipes tutorial caters for all levels from the absolute beginner to very advanced players. The tutorial also includes a performance piece and an interview with the tutor.

In the beginners section Seán demonstrates the basic skills of piping using easy, slow-paced tunes. Jigs and reels are then introduced and ornaments are added gradually. The individual parts of these tunes are demonstrated on video at a slow pace and the full tune is subsequently demonstrated at a medium pace so that you can play along.

- 15 Beginners' Tunes
- Pop-up Videos
- Precise Musical Notation
- Scales and Fingering
- Easy Airs
- Cuts and Rolls
- Triplets
- Jigs and Reels with Ornamentation

The advanced section features jigs, reels and hornpipes that are more highly ornamented and melodically complex. Seán demonstrates some more ornamentation and, some intricate techniques unique to the pipes.

Topics Covered:
- Crans and Popping
- The Shake
- 15 Advanced Tunes
- The Gold Ring
- Colonel Frazer
- The Shaskeen
- Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh
- The Liverpool Hornpipe

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