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Guitar - John Doyle

Learn to play the Irish Guitar with this tutorial. Instruction in Irish guitar accompaniment is provided by tutor John Doyle. Video and audio files combine with music notation, text and photos to make the learning process as easy as possible.

John Doyle first came to prominence with the group Chanting House and his reputation has continued to grow in recent years through his work with the Irish-American group Solas.

Currently playing with the Eileen Ivers band, John is the most in-demand guitarist in Irish music today: his driving rhythms, powerful bass lines and subtle use of substitute chords blend to create a style that mesmerises both audience and fellow musician alike.

The tutorial caters for all levels from the absolute beginner to very advanced players. The tutorial also includes a performance piece and an interview with the tutor.

In the beginners' section John demonstrates the basics of the guitar including chord shapes, rhythmic patterns, and right- and left-hand dampening. He then demonstrates these elements, both in standard and "Dropped D" tuning, using easy, slow-paced Jigs and Reels. Substitute chords are then introduced thus increasing the harmonic interest in the tunes. The individual parts of these tunes are demonstrated on video at a slow pace and the full tune is subsequently demonstrated at a medium pace so that you can play along.

- How to Read Music
- 25 Tune Accompaniment Examples
- Full Chord Chart
- Pop-up Video Screens
- Standard and Dropped D Tuning
- Substitute Chords
- Strumming Hand Dampening
- Chord Hand Dampening
- Bass Runs
- Bass String Slides
- John's Rhythmic Patterns

The advanced section features jigs and reels that are more harmonically advanced. Other tune types - Polkas, Slides, Slip Jigs and Hornpipes - are also explained. John demonstrates the subtle techniques that make his style so unique.

Topics Covered:

- Passing Chords Chromatic Runs
- Drone-like Effects
- Melody Mirroring
- Syncopations
- Sliding Between Chords
- Advanced Rhythmic Patterns

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