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Button Accordion - Derek Hickey

Learn to play the button accordion with this tutorial. Button accordion instruction is provided by our button accordion tutor Derek Hickey. Video and audio files combine with music notation, text and photos to make the learning process as easy as possible. Derek Hickey, Ireland's finest young accordion player, recorded the MadForTrad button accordion tutorial. Before joining De Dannan in 1995, Derek was a member of the group Arcady.

This button accordion tutorial caters for all levels, from the absolute beginner to the advanced player. A performance piece and interview are included.

In the beginners' section Derek demonstrates the basic skills of button accordion playing using easy, slow-paced tunes. Jigs and reels are then introduced and ornaments are added gradually. The individual parts of these tunes are demonstrated on video at a slow pace and the full tune is subsequently demonstrated at a medium pace so that you can play along.

Reading Music
17 Beginners' Tunes
Pop-up Video
Precise Musical Notation
The Notes and Scales
Easy Airs
'Sliding' Technique
Jigs and Reels with Ornaments

The advanced section features jigs and reels that are more highly ornamented. Other tune types - Polkas, Slides and Hornpipes - are also explained. Derek also demonstrates a range of ornamentation techniques unique to the button accordion.

Topics Covered:
16 Jigs and Reels
Six Polka/Slides
Three Hornpipes
Minor Keys
Octave Triplets
F# Rolls
Chromatic Triplets and Slides
Two Types of Single-Note Triplets

MadForTrad & TIM
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